Marilize designed and refurbished a small bathroom with her 5th Generation team into a very stylish bathroom with a shower.

To gain a little more floor space in the bathroom, we had to use all the subtle tricks in the good design book. We made the airing cupboard a little smaller, with not losing too much precious storage space. This gave us the space we needed to have the bath/shower and the basin next to each other on the short side wall. We changed the radiator to a very lovely hanging brushed stainless steel radiator, which gave us a little more floor space on the long wall.

We used a range of bathroom fixtures and fittings, designed on the proportions used for bathrooms on boats so they are the ultimate dimensions for being comfortable, without taking up too much space.  We also tiled all the walls from floor to ceiling with big wall tiles, making the space feel bigger and gave a splash of green behind the new sink area.

This small bathroom has been transformed by the creative use of light and space and this changed this room into an uplifting bright modern place to be in.

Client: Cindy McIntyre

Location: Comberton, Cambridge

Budget: £6,000

Contractor: 5th Generation Architecture

Status: Completed 2012

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