Chimney Repair, Lode


Chimney Repair, Lode


This dilapidated chimney in the conservation area in Lode, was restored by Marilize and Chris at the end of 2011 for a good friend of the family. It became clear that the restoration was done just in time as it probably would not have been safe to last another Cambridge winter. Taking the original chimney down, it became clear that there must have been a chimney fire some time ago.  We used Hydraulic lime to match the existing lime mortar and demolished the existing down to roof level, strengthening it with Galvanised coil mesh as a precaution. We copied the original corbeling measurements precisely and replaced one of the chimney pots with a second hand one. We were very lucky to find a neighbour with a stack of old matching bricks, so could do the repair in precisely the bricks we needed.

Client: Rima Page
Location: Lode, Cambridgeshire
Budget: £2,000
Contractor: Marilize & Chris
Status: Completed 2011

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