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Variety of Services

Marilize can offer a wide variety of services for a large range of projects, both in scale and type. In all her work, she is dedicated to have satisfied clients. Her aim is to deliver contemporary designs of the highest quality within budget. A thorough technical knowledge and experience means the design solutions are practical, economical and exciting.

She will offer the latest advice on new technologies, materials and environmentally friendly design. She has extensive experience of planning authorities, building control and conservation officers. She aims to provide the right combination of skills for each job, putting together a team of consultants with particular skills as appropriate for each individual building.

She prefers to be involved with her buildings form the initial design to completion on site. A Tremendous amount of care and attention is required during the construction process and together with the months of careful planning and detailing in the office, beautiful results can be delivered to budget.

Consultation and planning

Marilize believes the key to successful building designs and sustainable communities lies in the process of consultation. Early consultation with the planners to identify and to overcome planning issues and hurdles are essential, so beautiful and inspiring places can be created without unnecessary issues arising during the building process.

Technical design

Marilize produces simple, yet beautiful, modern buildings that respect our heritage and enhance our modern built environment. This considered approach is combined with a deep knowledge of traditional and the latest technical innovations and materials.
From sketch scheme through to detailed specification, Marilize together with the chosen design team, will surpass modern building standards for energy-efficiency and well thought out and designed buildings. By understanding how a building works in relation to the sun, the wind, and the local micro-climate, we aim to ensure that our buildings work efficiently in the location.

Designing beautiful interiors is also one of her practice’s commitments – both in the choice of materials and the detailing of finishes. Marilize will produce well beyond the expected amount of drawings for the contractor – ensuring that the project is built to an exacting standard.

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